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Yes, the analysis call is and remains free of charge, even if it does not lead to further cooperation. The conversation is therefore completely non-binding.

Yes, definitely. Golfers who have been playing golf for a long time usually wish they had worked on their swing in a meaningful way earlier. Beginners greatly underestimate the importance of the first months and few years, because they are not explained why this phase is so important.

Yes, you can. We see every day that it can be done. However, because the swing is a consolidated motor pattern, it requires a few crucial aspects to come together for successful implementation. The vast majority of people lack at least one of the essential keys, so they have the impression that it is not feasible for them. However, this is wrong. They simply lack a clear and sensible plan and the knowledge of how to implement it successfully. Small things can make the difference. If you know all the keys, it’s no magic to keep improving your swing.

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Joscha Lampe and Lukas Eisinger

Birdietrain founder

Joscha Lampe

Lukas Eisinger

The golf coaching revolution is in full swing right now, but very few people already know about it.

The Internet as well as other technologies offer incredible opportunities. This is also true for golf to the maximum. High-quality information is available in almost unlimited supply compared to previous decades because the best in their field share their expertise. But beware: where there are opportunities, there are also dangers lurking. Bad information is also available in virtually unlimited quantities. Everyone is rightly allowed to share their ideas on the Internet, regardless of content. But how can a hobby golfer unerringly distinguish good from bad information? The answer is: it will not be possible, because hobby golfers do not have sufficient expertise. Everything sounds somehow plausible, but by no means everything is correct.
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Furthermore, the question arises as to which of the thousands of exercises and tips are really relevant for oneself. As a golfer, you simply can’t know, which is why many people understandably experience a diffuse form of confusion. Somehow you know a lot, but somehow almost nothing takes hold in practice. The opposite of confusion or lack of clarity, on the other hand, is necessary to get better, namely clarity, a meaningful plan and a meaningful red thread and structure for one’s own training.

The great danger for golfers, in addition to the consumption of bad information, is to confuse individual and sometimes very good tips from the Internet with useful knowledge. Only with targeted assistance on the individual cause-effect chains for a particular golfer and the intensive support of a top instructor can you also sustainably implement the things in practice that really help you to become an increasingly better golfer.

Over the last few years we have put all our efforts into gathering the best information in the world and using our own experience to transform it into a practical, effective, holistic and understandable system for the golfer. We have achieved one of our goals: we wanted to rethink golf learning in such a way that every motivated golfer, regardless of playing level, has the greatest chance of actually achieving his or her personal goals. In order to achieve this, we have detached ourselves from the limitations of classic teaching and asked ourselves the question: what does optimal learning for motivated golfers look like? In addition to proven methods and the experience of past decades, we are now also taking advantage of the Internet and digitalization and thus revolutionizing golf learning for motivated golfers.

Intensive 1:1 online coaching offers the perfect combination of maximum time flexibility for the student, at the same time close and regular exchange with his instructor and the possibility to ask questions to his instructor at any time in case of problems, which can be answered directly and without complications. All too often golfers have a sudden short but crucial question, but at that moment no lesson in sight. This is the moment when golfers often make the wrong decisions and take unnoticed wrong turns.

The golfers who really want to improve their swing can now, because of the local independence, work with instructors who specialize in exactly these motivated golfers. With instructors who have understood the golf swing and all the cause and effect chains in depth and can give the golfers a clear thread to follow as well as precise feedback on the improvement process. Not to forget the advantage that all the coach’s help is automatically documented in an online collaboration in such a way that the student can view the coach’s individual messages as often as he or she likes, wherever he or she is. So no detail will be forgotten, even after months you can always view important help from your instructor.

In our experience, the classical teaching of the past decades is far inferior on the whole. Comparing the results shows this unequivocally.

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